Timmins Men's Baseball League

League Regulations

Welcome to the League Regulations page. The Timmins Men’s Baseball League follows, in principal, the Baseball Ontario rulebook. A custom set of rules and regulations have been assembled and prepared to primarily benefit teams and players that participate in our league, as well as prospective teams and players interested in joining the TMBL; for fans, sponsors and others interested in, and supportive of, the Timmins Men’s Baseball League. For a more in depth look at the TMBL's rules and regulations, please download a copy of the full document here.


The purpose of the Timmins Men's Baseball League (TMBL) is to promote and teach amateur baseball in the city with the heart of gold and surrounding areas. We provide maximum opportunity for individuals who wish to participate and develop community spirit, sportsmanship and fellowship amongst all participants. The TMBL encourages throughout Northern Ontario with the ultimate goal of achieving betterment and exposure for the sport. Since its inception in 1985 by baseball legend Gary Tonelli, the TMBL has strived to maintain its level of honesty, fair play and respect amongst its members. The TMBL is also a member of Baseball Ontario.


Below you will find a summary of essential league rules and regulations. For a full look at the Timmins Men's Baseball League's house rulebook (Baseball Ontario rules with revised house rules), please download a copy of it here.


Team registration for the 2023 season is $3,200 per team. 50% is to be paid by June 12, 2023. The remaining 50% is due by July 12, 2023. A $200 deposit for officiating fees has been included in the registration fee, which will cover fines for teams who do not particiapte in their minimum 4-game officiating responsibilities. At the end of the season, each team will be credited $200, if the 4 officiated games have been completed by a team member(s).


Payment schedules and fees will be determined before every start of season. Research of other regional baseball leagues will continue to be looked at, to determine proper officiating fees for the TMBL. Below is this year's pay grade for umpires and scorekeepers:

  • Plate Umpire - $80.00
  • Base Umpire - $60.00
  • Scorekeeper - $60.00


There will be no rescheduling of games due to shortage of players. This will be an automatic forfeit. We must keep rescheduled days for any weather related issues only.

If a team cannot field enough players for a game and needs to cancel, the team representative must notify the opposing team, game officials, as well as the league coordinator. Any game cancellation made will result in an automatic forfeit (7-0 loss) and a potential monetary fine.


If you would like to switch practice days to make it more convenient for both teams, please arrange it with specified team representatives.

  • Monday - Whiskey Jacks 
  • Tuesday - Athletics
  • Wednesday - Brewers
  • Thursday - D-Backs
  • Friday - League Practice (all players welcome)
  • Saturday - League Practice (all players welcome)
  • Sunday - League Practice (all players welcome)


Each team has the ability to stock pile as many players as they need on their regular season roster. A player must have played a total of 1 regular season game to qualify for participation in the league playoffs. A game played will consist of a minimum 1 inning played.


A player is eligible to participate in an official league sanctioned game on the dates of his or her 16th birthday, with parental consent. League teams can select a 15 year old who plays in the Senior Little League as an affiliate player, with parental consent. A parental consent document must be signed for players under the age of 18. Download a copy of the Minor Waiver Release form here.


A player acquired through a team’s own recruiting efforts shall be subject to the control of the team that made the effort to scout and recruit. If the recruited player has submitted a TMBL free agent player form, then he must be entered into the free agent pool and selected through the free agent process.


The president and or commissioner shall control the assignment to teams of all new players who have submitted a TMBL free agent player form. At the beginning of each season, all teams will be asked if they require any free agent players. All teams who agree to add free agent players to their respective team will have the opportunity to do so, through a cycled draft process; with the lowest ranked team of the previous season having the first pick. There is no free agent draft required for the 2023 season.


Player transfers during the regular season must be approved by the president and or commissioner and all team representatives of the league. Player transfers are not permitted during playoffs and will result in automatic player suspension.


Standings shall be determined by winning percentage (games back). In the case of a tie between teams seeded 1st to 4th, the final seeding will be decided by head-to-head comparisons. In the event that the tie continues, the final determination will be the differential of total runs for and against for the season. If tiebreakers cannot determine seeding, a one-game playoff will be played. In the event that there is a tie between 4th and 5th place, a one-game playoff will be played to determine which team makes the playoffs.


The top 4 teams in the league shall qualify for postseason play with the team with best record being the first seed, and so on. Potential teams that are seeded in 5th or more, will be eliminated.


The starting time of weekday regular season games will be 7:30PM, unless otherwise stated. Start times for Sunday make-up games will be 6PM or 7PM. Lineup cards need to be filled out and submitted to the plate umpire and scorekeeper 15 minutes before game time. Umpires will start the game regardless of circumstances, provided there are enough players to field a game from both teams.


The length of a game shall be 7 innings or after the maximum 1:45 hour time limit has been reached. A final inning announcement will be made by the umpire at the last out of the bottom of the inning, with one final inning to be played. If the game is tied going into the final inning, the game tiebreaker (rule 10.6) will be used until a winner is declared.


Regular season and playoff games tied after 7 innings will continue. Subsequent innings that follow the 7th inning will utilize the International Softball Tiebreaker Rule, where each team will bat with a runner on second base (the last out of the previous inning). If the game must be stopped due to inclement weather or darkness, it will resume the next time both teams are matched up. There are no ties in baseball. The game will continue until there is a winner.


Both teams have optional 10 minute warmups. Away infield starts 20 minutes before the scheduled game time. Home infield starts 10 minutes before the scheduled game time.


The visiting team is responsible for putting the bases in before their infield warm-up, and putting them back into storage after the game. The home team is responsible for field maintenance and the application of tarps after the game.


The TMBL allows a 20 minute grace period beyond the start time of a scheduled game. Should a team fail to field a set of players by the end of the grace period, then the game may be declared a forfeit. The game will be reported as a 7-0 score on the scoresheet.


Games that are stopped as a result of inclement weather or other circumstances, will be considered official if the losing team has completed 5 innings at bat or the maximum time limit has been surpassed. Games called will be done so at the plate umpire’s discretion. Umpires are not required to discuss reasoning with teams.


Games called due to weather or any other circumstance that are fewer than 5 innings or less than the maximum time limit, will be continued at a later date; preferably on the day where both teams are once again matched up. The continuation must be agreed to by both team representatives and league approval must take place. If the score differential of the game is by 7 or more runs, the game will be considered official and will not be continued at a later date.


Wood and composite wood bats that meet the specification of Baseball Ontario senior league baseball are permitted. All aluminum bats are strictly prohibited. Any use will result in immediate ejection.


No player while pitching may wear white, grey, or multi-coloured sleeves, nor may a pitcher wear a batting glove or wristband while pitching. Automatic intentional walks are now permitted. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in any one game, the pitcher must be removed on the third hit batsman. There is no regulation as to how many innings a pitcher may pitch in a game or week.


A team may bat as many players as they desire, with a minimum of 9 (subject to the number of players available). Batters cannot be deleted or skipped over, regardless of their batting position or when they were added during the game. If a team has only 8 players and therefore bats only 8, the opposing team will have the option of batting 8 as well. A team may not add batters to the bottom of the lineup unless they have 8 players on the field at any time. The team with 8 players will not be issued an automatic out for the 9th spot. A 9th player can be entered into the lineup at any time.


If a batter is pinch hit or run for, the player may re-enter the game in the same batting order as he left. This same player may remain in the game in any defensive position.


If a player is forced to leave a game due to injury or ejection, a reserve player, not previously entered into the game as a hitter, must hit in the replaced hitter’s batting order. If there are no reserves who can replace the individual, the spot is skipped and all hitters below that position move up.


An umpire has sole discretion to expel any player or manager from the game. Players or managers ejected from a game are subject to penalties including fines, suspensions and expulsion from the league. Each ejection shall be examined for its severity to determine appropriate sanctions, if any.


Base running collisions are strictly prohibited. Infractions will result in an automatic out and possible further disciplinary action. Sliding at home plate is a requirement. Catchers cannot block the plate and must leave a lane for the runner.


Phantom tags are strictly prohibited. Infractions will be handled on a case by case basis by the plate umpire and are subject to further disciplinary action.