Timmins Men's Baseball League


Player Pos Team
A Up
Joel Ahrens OF Red Sox
Andrew Alexander IF/P/OF Brewers
Ryan Anderson IF/P Whiskey Jacks
Brett Andrews IF/P/OF Whiskey Jacks
Gordie Armstrong Pirates
B Up
Mike Barber OF Orioles
Richard Beaulieu IF/OF Red Sox
Corey Bechard OF/IF Whiskey Jacks
Sheldon Belanger IF/P/OF Brewers
Ivan Bernier IF/OF Pirates
Jeff Blaquiere IF/P/OF Red Sox
Danny Boucher OF/IF Orioles
Austin Boulard P/OF/IF Pirates
Eric Boulard OF Orioles
Roger Bourgeois Pirates
Cedric Bradette IF/P Whiskey Jacks
Nick Brousseau IF/OF Pirates
Dustin Brown Pirates
Richard Byrnes P/OF/IF Brewers
C Up
Tim Chalmers IF/P Red Sox
David Chantigny IF Brewers
Joey Chartrand IF/OF Orioles
Josh Clarke Whiskey Jacks
Brent Cleverdon IF/P Red Sox
Stephane Cloutier IF/P/OF Red Sox
Hector Cousineau OF Red Sox
D Up
Jamie Dagenais IF/P/OF Whiskey Jacks
Jamie Dallaire IF/P Whiskey Jacks
James Daschuk IF/P/OF Orioles
Darren Dinel OF/IF Orioles
Mitch Dionne Orioles
Garret Dube Pirates
Michael Duciaume OF Whiskey Jacks
Darren Duclos Red Sox
Dani Durepos IF Orioles
Pat Durepos IF Orioles
F Up
Logan Ferrington IF/P/OF Orioles
Mario Filion IF Orioles
Kevin Furtney P/IF Brewers
G Up
Yves Gagne Brewers
Rob Gammie Red Sox
Nicolas Gignac Brewers
Chris Greer IF/P/OF Whiskey Jacks
Jordan Guenette Red Sox
H Up
Justin Hale OF Red Sox
Eric Hansuld OF/IF Red Sox
Austin Holmes Whiskey Jacks
Nathan Hookimaw IF/OF Brewers
Steven Howie IF/OF Pirates
Jason Howson OF/P Brewers
P Howson Brewers
Nick Hway IF/P/OF Whiskey Jacks
J Up
Matthew Johnston P/OF/IF Pirates
Nathan Johnston IF/OF Pirates
K Up
Al Kaija IF/OF Red Sox
Danny Katic Whiskey Jacks
Mike Kazienko P/OF/IF Whiskey Jacks
L Up
Sheldon Lacroix IF Red Sox
Nathan Latourelle P/OF/IF Pirates
Marc-Andre Lavoie P/IF Orioles
Joe Lepage IF Red Sox
Andrew Lucking IF/P/OF Brewers
M Up
Brandon Major Pirates
Tyler Marcotte Red Sox
Tyler Marcotte Pirates
Tyler Mateev P/OF/IF Pirates
Trevor McGee Orioles
Dave McLaughlin Orioles
Trevor Mcnulty OF Brewers
Jonathan Minard OF/IF Whiskey Jacks
Drew Moffat Pirates
Blake Monahan Pirates
Stephen Morgan IF Brewers
Cedric Morin Red Sox
N Up
Darryl Neegan Brewers
Trevor Niemi P/OF/IF Orioles
O Up
Nick Oreskovich OF/IF Orioles
Joey Ouellette IF/OF Brewers
P Up
Eric Paquette IF/P/OF Orioles
Shane Power P/OF/IF Pirates
Adam Presseault OF Orioles
Randy Pullen P/OF/IF Pirates
Q Up
Dave Quachegan P/OF/IF Brewers
Alain Quevillon OF/IF Whiskey Jacks
R Up
Eryk Rice IF/P/OF Red Sox
Randy Rice P/OF/IF Red Sox
Owen Rigg OF/IF Whiskey Jacks
Tyler Romain IF/P Pirates
Devin Rousseau OF Whiskey Jacks
Darren Rowntree Brewers
Daryl Roy Orioles
Derek Roy Orioles
Keenan Roy Brewers
S Up
Thomas Scripnick OF/P/IF Brewers
Korey Secord OF Brewers
Chris Seguin Orioles
Adam Shortt Red Sox
Jai Singh Brewers
Mark Smyth IF/OF Brewers
Steven Swain OF Red Sox
Vince Swain IF/P/OF Pirates
T Up
Dave Tambeau Orioles
Darren Thib OF Orioles
Eric Thornton Whiskey Jacks
Justin Tomeck Pirates
V Up
Josh Vandal OF/IF Whiskey Jacks
Yannick Vetter OF/IF Orioles
Andrew Vincent IF/OF Pirates
W Up
Dan Wafer IF/OF Orioles
Shivam Watsa OF/IF Brewers
Ryan Wildman IF/OF Pirates